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This Microsite Hub (MHub) is dedicated providing collections of materials highlighting seasonal materials, current events or OERColorado featured resources,  We have collections broken up by topic area and featured Made in Colorado collections. Featured Collections focus on materials, textbooks and full courses that showcase the resources available in OERColorado. We also have groups that encourage the practice of Open Education around topical areas of interest. 

To join the Featured Collections Hub, visit the "Welcome to Featured Collections Group" in the Groups Section and ask to join. Once approved, the Featured Collections Hub will appear in your "My Hubs" section of the Microsite. If you have a collaborative group you'd like to form on the site, reach out to info@oercolorado.org  to approve your logo.

Note that not all resources in the OERColorado collections align with Colorado state standards, state guidelines, or local guidelines. We advise all OERColorado users to consult with their district, school Curriculum Specialist and/or Higher Education Institution if there are any questions or concerns about use of these resources.

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